The Midas Legacy Scam

The Midas Legacy Scam – Avoid Completely 

When searching the internet for business opportunities, please steer clear of this new ripoff being peddled – The Midas Legacy Scam.

Several months ago I received a letter from a fellow by the name of Jim Sampson (I Understand he Now goes by the name of Jim Samson).  The headline said “Learn the Midas Legacy Bank Codes and skim money off of Rich Jerk’s Bank Accounts”

Jim’s letter  went on to proclaim that  “My Robin Hood Secret Bank Codes legally allows me to take $1,183 a week from Rick Jerk’s bank accounts”

Obviously anyAvoid The Midas Legacy Scamone with common sense realizes that this is such a scam – but I decided to bite the bait so I could have the details to warn our readers about this awful scam.

The course involved ordering 10 lessons each at $29 a lesson – which comes out to be $290 – It was structured to give you a little information each month and tempt you to buy the next lesson …. after 2 lessons this was becoming a big joke!

Here are the true facts about Jim and his Midas Legacy Scam

There is no such thing as “secret bank codes”   What Jim is referring to are actually affiliate marketing links for someone to use after becoming an affiliate with a vendor selling digital products for “ClickBank”

TJim Sampson Midas Legacy Scamhis brings us to the Rich jerks bank accounts – The so called bank that he is referring to is NOT a bank in the sense of “wells fargo” or “chase bank” it is actually a marketplace called ClickBank.

ClickBank is a legitimate marketplace of vendors and affiliates.  Thousands of digital products are available for sell through clickbank.  As a matter of fact, anyone can become an affiliate for one of Clickbank vendors.

Finally … these so-called Rich Jerks are actually vendors of ClickBank .  You are actually promoting their products as an affiliate using affiliate links (which Jim call his “secret bank codes”).  You are NOT secretly skimming money off of their bank accounts.

There’s No Such Thing as Secret Bank Codes

Jim and his Midas Legacy are basically using  internet affiliate marketing training as a promotion for some sort of Secret Bank Codes.  Please be advised that there is no such thing as skimming money off of rich jerk’s bank accounts.

There are so many internet marketing courses being offered.  Our mission is to weed out the bad ones, as well as recommend courses that are legit and honest.  Please avoid this Midas Legacy Scam.

6 thoughts on “The Midas Legacy Scam”

  1. I almost bought the jerks video I sent the first videos back , the letters start at 23, 000 plus who would not go for that then I get a lot of letters that say it,s a scam don’t do it , I will listen but I am getting ripped off by the credit union that I am or was doing business with , can some one out there tell me how to get my funds back they owe me 3,000 dollars .

    • Hi Lynn,

      I’m glad that you didn’t fall for this scam. In regards to your problem with the credit union, I will personally email you for more details about your situation.

      I will be more than happy to see if I can help. Thanks for taking the time to visit our website.

      Robert Vallair

  2. His Name is Samson not Sampson. I Am starting to make Real Money And I Always Try to read Any Articles that Say Its A Scam Don’t Do It. Mr Samson Has Many Products and I’m Glad I Joined The Midas Legacy. When You, Robert Vallair Can Actually Make Us Money Instead Of Trying to Expose Others, Maybe You Too Can Be A Success!-Best Wishes!-Robert Alan in Dearborn, Michigan.

    • Thank You Robert Alan for your comment. At the time I purchased The Midas Legacy “Secret Bank Codes” 6 years ago, Jim was going by the name of Jim Sampson – maybe he has decided to drop the “p”

      Yes, Jim does have many programs and perhaps you are making money from one of them. But my focus is on this piece of crap about “Secret Bank Codes” and how you can skim money off of Rich Jerk’s Bank Accounts. As stated in my article, there are no such thing as secret bank codes and Click Bank is NOT a “bank” as the general public would think it is as being explained by Jim in this Midas Legacy Scam.

      What Jim is promoting in the Midas Legacy Secret Bank Codes is nothing more than becoming involved in internet affiliate marketing and I’m sure you have the intelligence to realize that as well.

      I too Wish You Much Success and FYI I am making a nice living in Internet Marketing by sharing factual and truthful information.

      Take Care My Friend

      Robert Vallair


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