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Google Ranking Tips – How to get 1st page rankings

The following google ranking tips will help you achieve 1st page Google rankings.  Because no one is ever going to get inside the “brain” of Google’s ranking algorithms.

We all get so consumed with what Google is thinking, but there is only one thing that can help you….

Content Quality

Readers enjoying your content is the simplest way to get ranked in Google. Shockingly as it may seems, it does not matter what the internal brain of Google thinks.Google Ranking Tips for 1st Page Rankings

Your content is what’s going to boost your rankings when the algorithms updates your website.

The websites that Google does not approve are those that try to trick the algorithms into thinking that their content is quality.

These techniques are commonly called “black hat” techniques, which includes backlinks. Previously backlinks were a good thing for you website until Google changed significantly in early 2014.

Too many backlinks can be a problem.  Google wants to see quality backlinks over quanity.

Google likes to see natural links that being built for real people. Your backlinks should be come from high-quality pages that are associated with the outbound link.  

You shouldn’t have a link coming from a completely unrelated site. It won’t make sense to your readers and it definitely won’t make sense to the search engines.  And you won’t get that 1st page Google rankings!

The Four Things Needed To Get Ranked

1. Understanding SEO & Keywords – Once your know how to find low competition keywords that are associated with your website or niche, you will magically open the door to generating unlimited traffic.

You need your keywords to have less than 200 (QSR) – your competition and there are millions and millions of keywords that fit this criteria.  That’s why it is extremely important to use a good keyword research tool.

2. Create Quality AND Consistent Content – We have all heard the phrase ” Content is KING” however nothing could be further from the truth today.  Content that focuses on engaging your readers is KING.

The reader that tLearn Key Google Ranking Tipsrust you first will be the one that earns you revenue and to get that trust you must provide valuable and useful content.  You should never lose site of this fact.

3. Your search ranking will be drastically improved if you have a .com or a .org domain.  In fact the best one to have is a .com

4. Authority – This is something that happens over time.  It’s not going to happen overnight – it may take a week, a month or even several months.  But with patience and time you will reach that level of success.

This business is very rewarding.  However, you must put in the time to learn how to do it right and make sure you have the right tools to help.  Hence, these google ranking tips will help do that.

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