Effective Keyword Research

Effective Keyword Research – Must Know

Effective keyword research is a must when getting involved with making money online.  You need to have a full understanding of what is keyword research and know how to use them effectively.Using Effective Keyword Research

Keywords are what get your pages ranked in Google, in turns brings you free traffic … which turns into making money.   If you don’t have traffic to your website, then your website doesn’t grow.

It is so important to fully understand the process of effective keyword research.

Exactly What are Keywords

Keywords can be a singular word or a string of words that make a phrase.  Basically they are phrases that people type into the search engines of Google, Bing, Yahoo or You Tube when they are trying to find a topic of interest.

When people are using the search engines, they are looking for answers to a problem or looking for a product that will benefit them.  If what they are looking for his found, then they are willing to pay money for that product or service if it’s going to benefit them.

Your job as an Internet Affiliate Marketer is to give the searcher the correct information they are looking for.  This is done through effective keyword research.  In effect, you are trying to have keywords in your articles or advertising that is going to mirror what a person is looking for.

It’s very important to actually understand the full concept of what keywords mean.  The keywords that are being used in an article of a web page should be what the reader is actually searching for, if not they will leave your site in a fast second and that is what you do not want.

Google likes your website and articles when you are providing useful and accurate content to it’s searchers  Therefore they reward you by giving your web page a higher ranking and the “holy grail” is being ranked in the top 3 searches on the first page of Google.

Finding Keywords To Help Your Site Rankng

I cannot stress the importance of having the right keywords in your articles that you are publishing.

In order to have a chance of first page ranking on Google or the other search engines, you should have important details about the keywords that you are using to get a ranking.

To help you do this you must have a good keyword research tool.  There are hundreds of keyword research tools, however but most do not provide the important metrics.   It’s important that the keyword being used in your article will do the job it is supposed to.

You can learn about one the premier keyword tools in the industry here: JAAXY Keyword Research Tool!

The best keyword to look for are known as “long-tail keywords”.  Long-tail keywords are easiest and best way to achieve faster results in the search engines.

You want to find a longer and more descriptive keyword – simply because you are looking for a keyword that has a lot of monthly searches, but low competition.

The most important feature of the jaaxy keyword research tool is that it the QSR (quoted search results) and no other keyword tool provides this valuable metric.

The Two Most Important Keyword Metrics to Look For

There are two main keyword metrics that you need to know when doing your keyword research are:

1.  Average Monthly Searches …. Should be over 300

2. Quoted Search Results (QSR) …. Your true competition

Your keyword research tool should provide you with these metrics.  Because you will know that you have a keyword that is going to drive visitors to your website.  Your readers will find the information that is going to be of beneficial to them.

The Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool has a complete instructions on how to find long-tail keywords and how to use these metrics to your advantage.

Using Keywords Effectively

Now that you understand what keywords are, how to find the best keywords and the best keyword research tool to use … you need to know how to use your keywords effectively.

The best place to insert your keyword is in the title of your page article.  The title of the page is actually what you are trying to get ranked for.  Titles are a great place to place your main keyword as well as put some relevant related words there also.

You also want to make sure that you put your keywords in the first paragraph on the page.  This also helps Google’s “crawlers” understand what your page is about.

In Closing

How Google and the major search engines rank a website page or post is critical to your internet marketing success.

Learning effective keyword research and using a good keyword tool will greatly boosting your income online.  When writing an article you should focus on long-tail keywords that your audience is searching for.


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