Become A Domain Broker

Learn How to Become A Domain Broker

In this report we give you detailed information on how to become a domain broker.  You will have detailed steps to earn a good income as a domain broker.

Being a domain broker can be very rewarding, in fact sold for ​$90 million dollars​ in 2005.  In fact, the largest sale ever on record was ​​ for ​$100 million dollars. How To Become A Domain BrokerSomeone also had the presence of mind to register the domain name and Facebook bought this domain name for $8 million dollars!

We don’t claim that this will happen to you – but you will be given the nuts and bolts of how to become a domain broker.

You will learn how to ​ACTUALLY​ get started in this lucrative business.  I promise you won’t be greeted with a “buy now” button at the end of this guide for you to purchase a course to learn how to buy and sell domains for a profit – Everything you need to become a domain broker  is right here.

You will be given the exact instructions of what to do and how to do.  The domain and website industry is a big deal.​  Buying and selling domains is a BILLION DOLLAR business and the pie is big enough for all of us to get a piece.

The first thing that you need to do is understand what is the basis of buying and selling domain names which is finding a “Keyword Rich Domain”.

What is a Keyword Rich Domain?

A keyword rich domain is a domain that targets a ​specific keyword.

These domains carry a lot of value because ​Google​ and the other major search engines assume that if you ​own​ the domain for a specific keyword, it ​must be your brand, therefore they will rank you higher.

Let me show you how this works.

Let’s assume that you have a little knowledge about horse training and register the domain name best horse training program as “best horse training”

Now when someone search in Google for “what is the best horse training program” or “how to find the best horse training program” or anything with “best horse training program” …. Your domain name ​is more than likely going to be in the top 3 searches on the first page of Google.

And the reason being is that “best horse training program” is an actual part of your domain name – which in turns bears the meaning “keyword rich” domain.

This in turns will lead to A LOT of free traffic, which is INSTANT VALUE to you because you have a domain that is going to get a lot of views, which translate into a ton of buyers or customers.

KEY POINT. Even if you DO NOT know anything about horse training, but you own this “keyword rich” domain …. You now hold the rights to this domain and someone who does have a great horse training program and want to market it as “the best horse training program” – they would have to buy that name from you.

I hope you are starting to see what a gold mine domain flipping can turn into.  You can do this virtually with every keyword rich domain name that you can register.

How To Find a Keyword Rich Domain?

The first step to finding a keyword rich domain is taking a broad keyword that’s related to a topic you are interested in or familiar with, or one that’s really popular and plugging ​it into a KEYWORD RESEARCH TOOL.

A Keyword Research Tool is a database that researches thousands and thousands of keywords.  There are many keyword research tools in the online marketing industry – but the key to having a good keyword research tool is having one that gives you the right metrics, so that you can confirm that you are finding an actual keyword rich domain.

The one strong factor that gives you the edge on others who are doing this business is having a keyword tool that gives the ​QSR -quoted search results.  This factor is your TRUE COMPETITION.  The lower the number, the better.

There is only ​ONE ​Keyword Research Tool Database that has this unique metric, and I will tell you about this awesome Keyword Research Tool further below.

The other main factor is ​TRAFFIC, ​which is the number of exact searches per month.

When looking for your keyword rich domains, you want the keyword being searched to have the following crucial metrics:

A QSR of under 300 – this will make it easier for your domain to get ranked and ultimately it will get you a greater return on your investment.

Traffic – Aim for a keyword that have over 100 EXACT searches per month.  The higher, the better.

Note: The keyword research tool that I use also allows me to check the availability of the domains, along with the required qualifying metrics.

The Best Keyword Research Tool to Use …. JAAXY!

To find those keyword rich domains we recommend using a “little known” Keyword Research Tool known as ​JAAXY.

Jaaxy stands out among all of the other keyword research tools because it gives you detailed data that you can use to make sure that you are finding the keyword rich domains that you sell for a good profit.

Jaaxy not only gives you the main 2 keyword rich qualifying metrics – but an additional ​8 other metrics​ that will make sure you are finding the right keywords that are going to lead you to the keyword rich domains.

In addition – with Jaaxy, you are able to check the domain availability right there from within it’s database – this along saves you thousands of hours in your keyword rich domain search.

​Jaaxy offers a FREE Starter Membership that gives you ​30 FREE keyword searches.

However if you are serious about doing this business – We recommend that you take advantage of their ​Jaaxy Pro Membership ​- which is ideal for running a Domain Flipping Business.

Now, that you know what to look, how to find the keyword rich domains and find out if they are available …. Your next step is to register your domain name.

Registering Your Domain Name

You can register and own a domain name for under $12 dollars a year.  Many domain registrar sites bait you in with a low cost registration and then pile on higher fees afterwards.

We recommend ​NAMECHEAP ​to register your keyword rich domains that you have uncovered. You pay only ONE set price for the entire year – with no surprise upsells.

They are the ​No. 1 ​Domain Registration Site in the Industry.  One of their many features is that they offer free WhoisGuard forever, and you can also Host Your Website at NameCheap for as little as $2.98 a month, which includes hosting for up to 3 websites!

Let’s do a quick recap of what we have covered so far.

1. How to find a Keyword Rich Domain

2. The Best Keyword Research Tool to use to find your Keywords … JAAXY

3. The Best place to register your Domains ….. NAMECHEAP

Next, we are going to show you where to sell your domains and websites.

Where to Sell your Domain Names and Websites

Below is a list of the major markets for selling your keyword rich domains. All you need to do is register with each one.  Registration is free – you ​NEVER ​pay any marketplace to register.

Flippa. This site is mainly for established websites and some domains. Ideally you want to put a site on it and get ranked first. Internet Marketers are always looking for ranked sites here.

GoDaddy Marketeplace               GoDaddy Auctions

Sed0 (ideal for receiving ultimate value on two word domains)  Sedo. Buy.Park. Sell Domains

Each one of these will have instructions on how you place your domain name on their marketplace for sale.

It’s recommended that you take a look at the auctions of domains that are similar to yours as well.

You will often see domains that are being sold for an astronomical amount of money.  Here’s an example of a site on that didn’t seem popular at all, but it was really expensive: had the owner of the domain asking ​$1,000.

You will also see unbelievable things within the GoDaddy Auction network and on Sedo every day.  These sites are geared towards existing business owners looking to expand and domaineers who buy, hold and sell domains. was recently being sold on GoDaddy for ​$3,009 with 25 separate bids.

The person who bought and registered this domain name paid no more than ​$10 ​for that domain!!!!  That is a real serious ROI.

The Domain Name Business is Truly Massive!

I hope your eyes have been opened to the massive domain and website market that resides online.

It is vast and there is room for millions of people to take advantage of this. All you need is the right tools:

“A Keyword Research Tool that helps You find the Keyword Rich Domains”

“ A solid and reputable “Domain Name Registrar”

Think of all of the keywords out there.  All of the locations in the world.  And all the domains that are available!

This is unlimited potential for you to become a domain broker.  This is potential to start a business that is scalable and will continue to grow simply through buying domains and perhaps putting a small website on them.

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