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In this product review we are going to reveal the complete truth about Automated Wealth Network.  Several years ago I received an email from a couple of guys by the name of Tim Chesonis and Michael Cocan.

I was invited to become a charter member of a new internet affiliate marketing prScam Exposedogram called Automated Wealth Network.


I was really excited about being in on the ground floor of a wonderful opportunity with internet marketing.  And the best part was that I would be able to become a charter member completely FREE.  So I thought!

Membership was NOT Free!

Well, as you probably guessed it …. this was just another program to bait you in and then here come the up sells.   Although you can become a member of Automated Wealth Network for free.

BUT after you become a member and access your member’s area, you find out that everything to continue further is locked.

In the member’s area you are directed to watch a video by Tim Chesonis who introduce you to another program called My Cash Freebies (which is another scam all in itself).

So in order for you to unlock the next section in your Automated Wealth Network membership, you must get a credit in My Cash Freebies.  And to purchase these offers you will need to give a credit card for payment.

And their lies the catch …. you need to give a credit card to go further in their program.  Now Tim tries to confuse you by saying that this opportunity is not “multi-level marketing (MLM) or network marketing, but it is called incentive marketing ….. really?

Incentive marketing is nothing more than affiliate marketing because these companies promoting ads in My Cash Freebies.  Commissions (incentives) are paid to those people who refer new customers to try their product on a trial basis.  Hoping that they become a regular subscribers.  Hence, being affiliate marketing.

So how are you supposed to make money in Automated Wealth Network?

Your job as a member of AWN (automated wealth network) is to refer someone into AWN.  When they earn 1 credit in My Cash Freebies then you will earn a $30 commission.

Sounds like a piece of cake, right?  Well not really and I’ll explain why.

First, where are you going to find referrals?  Well, AWN offers it’s members a program called “Power Lead System”.   You must purchase these leads and then create a marketing program.

To join Power Lead System, you have to pay $27 a month as a customer AND $23.97 a month to become one of their affiliates.  So you only earn a $20 a month commission WHEN someone else join Power Lead System.

So now you are paying $50.97 a month to become involved as a FREE member of AWN. This is NOT free.  This sounds like a Multi-Level Marketing program.

Probably Good Intentions

The founders of Automated Wealth Network probably have good intentions. However, the chance of you making any money with AWN depends on how many people you can direct to AWN.  And they must do the same thing you do and so on …. sounds like a pyramid, doesn’t it?

The problem with AWN is that you are not taught how to actually build an internet affiliate marketing business. A well built internet affiliate business should be sufficient on its own.

In Summary

Automated Wealth Network is just a sales funnel for My Cash Freebies and Power Lead System and nothing more.  If AWN closes down, then your business closes down.

Our job here at the Robert Vallair Organization is to help you avoid scams such as these, because we want you get involved with online affiliate marketing the right way.

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