Affiliate Marketing Content That Ranks

Affiliate Marketing Content – need to rank high

When building a website promoting an affiliate program, you need to be aware of what type of affiliate marketing content that ranks.

You should NOT be building a website that is composed of over 50 percent affiliate links with a selling nature.  Google specifically states that “affiliate program content should only form a small part of the content of your website”.

The main focus of your website overall should HELP your website readers make an intelligent and informed decision for purchasing a product or a service.  The actual goal is NOT trying to sell your website visitors – but provide valuable content or service that will actually HELP your visitors.

Google Likes Unique Content

A website that provides helpful affiliate marketing content instead of content that is all about selling a targeted product will get a much higher ranking from Google.

You need to make sure that your website adds substantial value beyond talking about the affiliate product that you are promoting.Write Affiliate Marketing Content That Ranks

A simple way to achieve this is to REALLY know what you are talking about.  Chose a marketing niche that you have a passion for and know a lot about. Don’t chose because how profitable you think it will be.

Bill Gates became a multi-billionaire because he was passionate providing a benefit to millions and millions of people.

This is true with any ultra successful person in our society.  Provide a real benefit and you will become wealthy beyond your wildest dreams.

You can add value to your website content by providing relevant images, comparison graphs or just your personal touch about the product you’ve decided to promote – but it must be genuinely written content.

Google Affiliate Marketing Program Guidelines

When trying to write affiliate marketing content that ranks, your mindset should be about helping and not selling.

View websites of others in your chosen niche.  Next, ask “how can I make my website better so that people prefer to visit my site instead of my competitors?

One of the best ways to do this is to add your own personal touch.  Make sure your affiliate links are more centralized, rather than scattered throughout your website’s content.

Write Affiliate Marketing Content That Ranks

Have your affiliate links centralized on specific pages and product review posts. Then inter link them to helpful relevant posts that DO NOT contain affiliate links.  This will do wonders for your Google rankings.

Sites that feature content mainly from an affiliates sales page will suffer in Google’s search rankings.

They should have an added personal touch that makes them different from similar websites with the same promotions.

Avoid your site being labeled as a “thin affiliate”

Don’t have pages with product links, product descriptions and reviews are copied directly from the original merchant.  You should add original content to give your pages added value.

Learn more about Googles affiliate marketing guidelines just click below:

Google Affiliate Marketing Program Guidelines

Google’s Affiliate Marketing Program Guidelines gives you a better insight into what Google does NOT want to see.   Follow these guidelines to increase your Google page rankings.

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