In this review of The Illuminati …. Truths and Myths are revealed.   There are so many confusing stories about what the “Illuminati” is and its origin.


Illuminati Truths and Myths
Illuminati Symbol is found on every US dollar bill.

Here are the Absolutely Truths and Myths about The Illuminati

First of all, The Illuminati is NOT a secret organization that is controlling and manipulating world governments.  There is no one person that “owns” or “controls” The Illuminati or its members.

The Illuminati is NOT a satanic worship group or a cult.  In fact it has NO affiliation with any religious group.

The Illuminati is an elite organization of world leaders, business authorities, innovators, artists and other influential members of this earth.

Our coalition unites influential members of all political, religious and geographical backgrounds to further the prosperity of the human species as a whole.



Core Beliefs of The Illuminati

The core fundamental belief of The Illuminati is to make sure that each of its members dedicate their minds to the discovery of knowledge in which to aid the betterment of mankind.

An Illuminata desires for their soul to pursue enlightment, as well they dedicate their efforts to the progress of abundance for everyone …. not just a select few.

The Illuminati want all people to be unified.   Mankind has practice separation for years.

The Illuminati dedicates their life and eternal days on this planet to the protection and the advancement of the human species.



Foundation of The IlluminatiLife’s journey begins at the bottom of the pyramid, where many resides.   However, only a few will rise above.  At the top of the pyramid are the “elite” and the “few”.  The “masses” resides at the bottom.

But ALL levels are Important.  Without a foundation, the pyramid could NOT exists.  As one climbs the great pyramid of mankind … one thing is clear…they are responsible for giving back.

This evident by Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, and other billionaires giving away the vast majority of their wealth.  You can review this here in:  “the giving back pledge”.



The World is covered in a darkness of confusion, war and hardship.  The light is an ever-present guidance.  It is an unseen and higher power that compels those who follow it to strive for the betterment of the human species.

Those who do so are rewarded for following the light.  The glow of the light act as a mirror.  It gives reflection into the still darkened spaces of the world.

It is the following of the light that allows mankind to overcome wars, recessions, diseases and many of calamities that are inflicted upon the human race.



Eye of The IlluminatiThe eye resides at the center of the light.  Its focus is so fixed upon truth that it becomes a beacon for the glow.  Those who follow the light are central to this world’s universal design.

It is ever watchful and ever vigilant in guiding mankind for the advance of the human species.  The Eye sees and knows all.  Just as the Shepherd sees and knows all of the flock.





The Eternal

The EternalThe Eternal Arc represents how members of the Illuminati cover the planet.  The Illuminati’s duty to the planet has spanned across numerous centuries.

The never ending desire to advance mankind has survived even the most established government entities.  Although the Illuminati is not praised in any history books, however through our efforts we have shaped every major movement on this planet.

The Illuminati has guided the human species through every threat of extinction that has come upon mankind.  This has always been and will always be.

Though our human members who practices the beliefs of the Illuminati may perish, and fade into the annals of time… THE ILLUMINATI WILL CONTINUE TO BE ETERNAL.

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